Macruf’s Bio

Mr. Macruuf Xaaji is the Director of Public Relations- Office of the SEDR, Federal Republic of Somalia and he is an expert in the field of journalism in which he has worked for many years.

Prior to joining the Office of the SEDR, Mr. Macruuf has been working in media, governmental and non-governmental sectors in Somalia for the last 12 years as he was Director of the Department of Public Relations Goobjoog Media Group ( GMG TV/RADIO).

During his career in journalism, he led a number of research studies related to the political transition. He has also published several Papers and Articles that have contributed to the formation of the government and the ongoing political dialogue in Somalia.

Most of his articles have been published on international and local media outlets such as BBC, Goobjoog Media Group and Somali National Television, which is a national radio.

Macruuf is a Master’s degree graduate from Uniso (University of Somalia) with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication, and Master Degree in international relations.

Official Accounts
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Mobile: +252615819926