Addressing Climate Change

Without greater climate adaption, mitigation and resilience, Somalia will continue to experience emergency after emergency and the country will be unable to break the cycle of crisis, poverty and aid reliance. The Special Envoy is working with the international community and the Somali diaspora to build partnerships that foster environmentally friendly development and help communities adapt to their climate reality.

Somalia has resources like minerals, rivers and the longest coastline in Africa. Taking a longer-term approach to solving systematic problems and focusing on better use of unexplored and underdeveloped local resources will build a more resilient future. Investments in diverse livelihoods, modern infrastructure and technology, in sustainable farming, fishing and forestry, and in green energy production and water management will reduce personal and economic vulnerabilities, and end overreliance on trades destructive to the environment like the overharvesting of frankincense and charcoal.

Reducing the rate by which our climate is changing will help address the root causes of catastrophic weather events in Somalia like drought, flooding and skyrocketing temperatures. At international events and meetings, the Special Envoy is lobbying on the behalf of the people of Somalia for world leaders to live up to the Paris Agreement’s 2030 targets, namely reducing emissions and protecting natural carbon sinks. Improving access to climate financing to support the lives and wellbeing of those affected by climate change is also a priority for the Government of Somalia and the Office of the Special Envoy.